2020 wine harvest

2020 wine harvest

Dawn in the vineyard

The team

Since we first harvested, it has become natural that we support each other. In the first year these were the neighbors, since last year also the harvest team of Marcello (Cantina del Bovale). So we are always between 8 and 12 people. We support the others one day before, so we get counter-rights and are a lot faster because of this. The speed is also important for the grapes, the faster they get into the refrigerated tank after harvesting, the better.

Wine harvest with Franco
Wine tasting at Marcello with its customers
Our proud harvest

The organization

At the beginning we played with the idea of expanding the wine itself. We searched with various exponents to find out what all this means. Since we had the same thing in mind for the olive oil, we did not want to span the bow. Luckily, we also met Marcello from the Cantina del Bovale during this discovery phase. He offered us all that we were looking for. His Cantina produces a good 40,000 bottles of wine per year, as well as wine for 7 customers. We found the trust and friendship with him and so he makes our wine with our grapes.

Quantity and quality

2020 was a very good year for wine. Lots of sunshine, many dry days and therefore little risk for the real and false mildew. In the end, we look for good quality and a better quantity compared to the previous year.

An example please? Last year we produced about 120 litres of white wine, this year we produced a good 300 litres of

The grapes are ready

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