Sa Contissa in Sardinia

Sa Contissa in Sardinia

In 2017 we decided to spend our future in Sardinia. After 35 years of office and head work, we were looking for a joint project in the south and in nature. The Hacienda Sa Contissa in the west of the island offers optimal conditions for this.

The estate covers about 8 hectares of land for the cultivation of olives, wine and citrus fruits. In addition, we have holiday accommodation for our friends. Below you will find all the important information about our activities. Click here for the blog!

There are two liquids that are pleasant to the human body, internally the wine and externally the olive oil, both of which come from trees, but the oil is the more necessary.

Olive oil

Citrus fruits


Fancy a Sardinian holiday?

Many were already in Sardinia during the holidays. But do you really know the island? If you are in the mood for more, you can contact us. We already know a lot about the island and learn about it every day. We are happy to help you with advice and deeds.

well-preserved nuraghe


Sardinia has a long and rich history. You meet her at every turn. Many of these places tell a millennia-old story.


Around the whole island there are dream beaches, once with white sand, once with turquoise-coloured water, as in paradise.


In Sardinia, sport is very important. In addition to water sports, everyone will find their sport, such as biking, climbing, hiking and many more.

Dream beach

You see, Sardinia offers more, sea and more!

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