Cagliari – Mediterranean metropolis

Cagliari – Mediterranean metropolis

Cagliari. The perfect place for a relaxing city break. The city in the south of Sardinia is everything: a bit of Sardinia, a bit of Italy, a bit of North Africa. Urban, urban, cosmopolitan. At the same time a paradise for nature lovers. A city to fall in love with and for lovers.

With about 150,000 inhabitants, Cagliari is the largest city in Sardinia. Located in the south of the island, it is closer to Tunis than to Rome or Naples, and yet exudes the unmistakable Italian charm. With its adjacent airport and its own university, the city has become a popular place for locals in recent decades. Cagliari is therefore not a pure holiday resort, but above all a big city,in which almost 10% of the inhabitants of Sardinia live.

Best time to visit:

From May to October you can expect warm temperatures and bathing weather.

In addition to the everyday life of the city, Cagliari can score points with its romantic old town and the well-kept harbour district.

Several times taken by foreign naval powers you will find in Cagliari a colorful mix of different cultures. Especially at the buildings and sights you will be able to understand the different influences. Get into the colourful city by the sea and experience Sardinia from one of its most beautiful sides.

Discover Cagliari's old town Castello

Idyllically situated on a hill, the old town of Castello (name of quarter)is perched above the rooftops of Cagliari . Surrounded by thick city walls, it tells stories from an earlier era and invites you to stroll through the cobbled alleys. Take a look at the numerous sights or enjoy a homemade ice cream.

You can hardly miss the entrance to the old town: the Torre dell’Elefante is large and powerful at the gates to the district. Just a few hundred meters away you will find the second of the well-known large towers in Cagliari: the Torre di San Pancrazio.

In the middle of the old town stands the bastion San Remy. The former defence has now been equipped with a wide staircase and an elevator and should be the first stop on your old town trip. From here you have an insanely great view over the sea and the city and can orient yourself well. In addition, there are already numerous bars and restaurants that invite you to an Italian gelato or hot cappuccino.

The journey into the past

The Cathedral of Cagliari has been subject to 13th century various conversions and redesigns. Once built in the Piscan style, it was built in the Rebuilt in the Catalan-Gothic style in the 14th century and finally provided with a baroque style by the Spaniards around 1700. The cathedral traces many centuries. The baroque interior, with its colourful marble and imposing ceiling paintings, is an exciting contrast to the Gothic elements and the facade, newly built in 1933 and built in the former Piscan style. You will hardly find a better example of the history of the city.

Next to the cathedral is the Palazzo di Citta. Built in the 14th century, the former town hall now serves as a museum and houses a colourful selection of art and cultural assets from past centuries.

Information about the Palazzo di Citta Museum:

  • Opening hours:Jun.-Aug. Tue-Sun 10am-8pm, Sept.-May 10am-6pm
  • Admission:4€

If you are looking for a cool shade and want to visit a true cultural heritage, it is worth taking a look at the church chiesa di Santa Restituta. Under the church there is an impressive crypt from pre-Christian times. The natural cave under the ground, with its cold, humid air and eerie echo, is a little oppressive. It is not at all surprising that it was used as a pagan sacrificial place until the Takeover of the Christians.

Just a few steps away is the Romano Amphitheatre. The largest Roman building in Sardinia is still very well preserved and was able to accommodate a third of the city’s population at the time of its construction. In the evening, concerts and other small events take place in the old theatre, but during the day you can also visit the ancient building as normal.

Art and culture

Sardinia is perfect for a holiday full of beach, sea, sun and relaxation. Especially when you are in Cagliari, it is also worth immersing yourself a little deeper in the culture of the region. In the cittadella dei Musei museum complex in Piazza Arsenale in the old town, you have the opportunity to do so. The cultural centre includes several museums: visit the Folklore Museum, the Pinacothek, the Museum of Siamese Art or the Archaeological Museum. Here you can learn a lot of exciting things about the past of Sardinia through the different epochs.

The culinary highlights

It is a bit obvious that a large city stands out in comparison to the smaller towns of the island. The variety and quality of the restaurants is due not least to the fact that in Cagliari Sardinians from different regions of the island are looking for their happiness.

Luckily, the Cagliaritan himself is one who likes to eat. But that’s late: It doesn’t really come to life in the restaurants until 9 p.m. For that you will still find a host somewhere at night.

The townspeople, like all Sardinians, also have a pampered palate. This means that you can do almost nothing wrong – even in the tourist districts and months.

The restaurant quality is varied and good, sometimes also outstanding:

  • Su Tzilleri e Su Doge
    » Sardinian home cooking with a certain something, rigorously made from top ingredients home-made. Very cozy ambience, in the Castello district.

  • Framento
    » Pizza is not the same as pizza. You’ll know this when you’ve eaten the gourmet pizza from chef Pierluigi Fais. Unexcitedly located in the Stampace district, it is not just tomato sauce peppered on dough, but tomes from a small garden near Pula are lovingly hand-passed. The soil is then covered with high-quality flour instead of industrial Parma ham with tender Muggine Affumicato from Cabras. Dream.

  • Josto »
    Again Pierluigi Fais. With the Josto he recently won the prize for the best traditional restaurant in Cagliari in a TV show. And with what? Rightly so! The kitchen is Sardinian-contemporary. What sounds terribly expensive, it’s not at all. Here near the station you eat well and at a fair price. Small side info: In front of the Josto in Cagliari, the chef opened the Josto al Duomo, a young, creative restaurant in the historic center of Oristano. This is also worth a detour!

  • Principi di Dan
    » Tavern with ancient Sardinian cuisine, everything is made with regional and best ingredients from the island. Danger of overeating! Go step by step, get advice or order an antipasto plate (Talleri) – this is often enough in summer. The black sheep once celebrated New Year’s Eve here – after the midnight prosecco and the third Mirto with dancing on the tables!
  • Sa Schironada » In this Sardinian restaurant in the Marina district (Via Napoli), you’ll eat everything that’s grilled (Schironada is the skewer where meat is grilled in front of an open fire) or comes out of the oven. Great quality, super nice hosts. And even if the restaurant is very large, there is hardly any stress here even in the season. Two special points: one of the waiters looks like Christian Bale in very young and the Mirto is excellent and homemade.
  • Osteria Tabarchina » Really good, original cuisine from Carloforte with tuna, Couscous & Co. Supernette people, high quality of ingredients and food. In the Marina district, at the beginning of Via Sardegna, in summer also outside.
  • Ristorante Zenit » In the fishing district Giorgino (on the road to/from Pula) you get the local specialty “Sa Burrida” and other traditional fish dishes. In July / August the flair goes unfortunately sometimes flute, when a busload of tourists finds the ex insider tip. Better in the off-side months; in winter is closed.

  • Osteria Vicosulis
    » Small, cosy family business in Villanova in vico Sulis with excellent, Sardinian-creative home cooking. By chance, friends of the sheep discovered it late at night in search of something to eat. Tip: the paella and the snail soup.

  • Su Cumbidu
    » Very cozy restaurant in the Marina district in Via Napoli, here you get very good Sardinian home cooking. The chef is Sarde from Gergei (where cooking has its own importance and tradition) and knows how to bring the Sardinian delicacies (very good: the maialetto) to the plate.
  • Sushi – because it’s hard to get in the rest of the island and it’s really good in Cagliari , for example in the Toyo in the Marina district.
  • If at some point you’re fed up with Sardinian food, or the family is completely at a disagreement between pizza, steak and Thai curry, what she wants to eat, the Oca Bianca in Via Napoli is a good address. Very good Italian, but also international cuisine

Hotel Tips

You see, Cagliari has a lot to offer. A must for every visitor to the island.

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