Cantina Olianas

Cantina Olianas

Last Sunday (last Sunday in May) we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful region inland, where the Olianas winery is located, at the traditional event Cantine aperte. Below are a few impressions.

Olianas belongs to a group of 3 wineries (2 in Tuscany, 1 in Sardinia), which pays great attention to nature. A good wine is mainly made from a good and healthy soil as well as the power of the sun. You cultivate the fields mainly with the horses, as in the past, so that the soil is not too heavily stressed.

The organization of the event was perfect, beautiful weather, perfect service, good wines and top-class guided tours. We were able to get to know the head of the whole organization and were informed by him about the current developments.

We were not the last time on Olianas. Next time we will report in more detail about the strategy of the winery.

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