Chickens offspring

Chickens offspring

Shortly before Christmas there was a small Christmas present, so actually even 3: One of the chickens hatched her eggs and 3 happy chickens were born.

Vreni has created a high-security wing so that they can grow protected from many new enemies (such as mice) for the first week and benefit from the warmth of their mother.

It is still unclear whether the offspring are male or female conspecifics. We already have two Güggel, so we hope for an all-female offspring.

The chickens are developing well. After 2 months, the difference to the mother is only slight, as the following photos prove.

Kontrolle durch den Hühnervater
Jungmannschaft mit der Mutter im Auslauf

All chickens together go to the vineyard daily to look for worms and other delicacies.

Hühner Familie

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