Consorzio Bovale DOC

Consorzio Bovale DOC

At the beginning of July, the 7 most important producers in our region joined forces to form a Consorzio in order to strengthen the autochthonous grape variety Bovale (the most important grape variety in the Terralba region – i.e. with us) and to work to ensure that it receives
DOC status

You can find out what DOC status means in Italy in another article at this link.

Das Team im Consorzio Bovale DOC

These are the 7 producers:

Cantina del Bovale, Terralba – Marcello Martis
Cantina Su Cuppoi, Terralba – Massimo Berra
Quartomoro, Marrubiu – Piero e Luciana Cella
Vini Lotta, Arcidano, Marco Lotta
Vini Melis, Terralba – Fabio Melis
Cantina di Mogoro, Mogoro
Sa Contissa, Terralba – Philipp Strebel

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