Eliseo is full of energy

Eliseo is full of energy

We are in regular contact with Eliseo, in February we visited him, in March he was with us in Terralba. On the one hand, it is important for us to know how the situation of the family is developing, on the other hand, it is also about planting the new Oliveto.

Eliseo in winter

In February we were able to get an idea of the current status of the clean-up work and the motivation of Eliseo and Angelo.

It’s amazing how motivated they are. It is important to know that they have not yet received any help from the state and thus could not yet be built.

The earth is alive, the trees are dead

Bureaucracy alla Italiana

At the beginning of March, we were able to take over from a newspaper article that all those injured in the devastating fires have not yet received anything from the state, and have not even been able to submit an application. The mills grind incredibly slowly even for such cases. Now the Cinque Stelle party has made a request to the president of the island and asked what the government intends to do.

Eliseo does not wait for the state to approach him. He is doing everything he can to be able to work normally again soon. The biggest step is to replace the melted water pipe. Together with friends, he will soon have realized this.

The more than 300 sheep and 10 cows again have an orderly daily routine and produce milk. This allows Eliseo’s brother to produce cheese.

The cheeses typical of Sardinia are very fine and natural in the form of drops.

On your next visit we will visit Eliseo and taste his cheese variations.

With cow's milk to cheese

During his visit to our Azienda in March, he was able to get an idea of our farm, but also of the possible cultivation methods of an olive grove. Basically, the Sardinians know the traditional cultivation, with large trees at a distance of 5 x 5 m. He was amazed when he saw our oliveto intensivo ( more here ). Now we are planning the new Oliveto with him, which we will realize in autumn.

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