Errichte alla Sardegna

Errichte alla Sardegna

We in Switzerland know the custom on every construction site: as soon as the attic is ready, there is a stand-up and the team is thanked. In Sardinia, people know them less. But we really wanted to thank the team on the construction site before Christmas and organized an aperitivo on the last working day before the Christ Child. Every employee of the builder was present, no one missed this, even those who did not work on the construction site.

It was important to us to thank the team, not only for the work, but also for the good quality. At the same time, we wanted to bring you something useful from our culture. What could be more obvious than the good pocket knife from Victorinox! Everyone was proud to receive such a rare piece.

Every employee was present
Pocket knife by Victorinox

Just one week later, between Christmas and New Year, we saw the team motivated on the construction site, of course with the Swiss “Hegel”.

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