Eternit is also available in Sardinia

Eternit is also available in Sardinia

Anyone who has already converted an older property in Switzerland knows the problem of dealing with Eternit and its disposal. This is also the case in Sardinia.

Eternit was also widely used in Sardinia. Since the houses are often never or always very late renovated, disposal is rarely a big issue. But the state knows the problem and the laws for disposal are similar to those in Switzerland.

When buying the various plots we also bought 2 small houses with Eternit roofs. In the meantime, we have raised the two roofs by 40 cm (so that the writer does not always hit his head when entering) and insulated the roof. The old Eternit plates had to be disposed of afterwards.

The Eternit Men in White

This also requires a permit, a specialized company that disposes of the material.

2 weeks ago the men came in white and collected all Eternit parts neatly, packed them in large white bags.

These white bags will be picked up in the coming days and disposed of professionally.

These white packages look like white coffins in the green nature, which is quite close to the whole thing.

In any case, we are glad that we, as Swiss, have followed the law in foreign countries.

Eternit packed

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