Fire Inferno in Sardinia

Fire Inferno in Sardinia

In July, 3 things came together on the island: the temperatures temporarily rose to 40 degrees in the shade, so that nature had to dry up completely. Then the Scirocco blew hot air from Africa to the north like a hair dryer. Unfortunately, there were also a few unteachable arsonists on the way. As a result, the dry bushes in the mountains between Oristano and Bosa ceded fire and the wind acted as a fire accelerator. The consequences were catastrophic: over 20,000 hectares of land were burned, families lost their belongings and the shepherds lost the stable, or the sheep or both.

Fire in Sardinia

Tragic images surrounding these fires went through the press and around the world. The Sardinian press reports every day on the status, the causes and the many fates.

We are at home in the southernmost part of Oristano, the fires in the far north.

We do not want to withhold an exciting article from the NZZ about the forest fires: to the article

Region Oristano

We want to offer help!

We are between 50 and 100 km from the fire and the fates, we see no smoke and the sky is not gray. So we wouldn’t have noticed anything at all. On the one hand, we learned about it through the press, but much more directly through our network. We know people who are directly affected.

That’s why we have set ourselves the goal of helping a family or a shepherd. We would like to start a small aid project. That is why we are currently in contact with people who know the situation on the ground very well. Already in the coming days we will visit those affected.

As soon as we know more, we will get back to you.

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