Franco retires

Franco retires

Franco decided this spring to retire with his 70th birthday. For us, he is not only an employee, the caretaker, but he also belongs to our family. In the last 3 1/2 years he has always supported us, advised us and brought his great life experience. Thanks also to Franco, we were able to achieve what we have today.

Franco as you know him

Franco and the mobile phone

We still remember well his old folding phone, probably from the year 1823…..Taking photos was very difficult, Whatsapp and Internet impossible. But last year we were able to convince him to switch to an iPhone. Then it went up steeply. Today he can use it, take photos and videos, send it.

Sometimes he almost gives the impression that he is a bit addicted. As soon as he has time, he grabs his phone and looks at who wrote to him.

Franco and the mobile phone

Franco also lived with us on the Azienda, in the neighboring house. Although he also worked a lot physically, he did not miss the time to do a few more jogging laps after work in the olive grove.

Franco's Fiat

The dogs accompanied him, but also our sheep “Monello” since recently. The round led him through the olive grove, along the fence, and this several times. It gave the impression that the animals could follow almost without any problems, only Franco came to “snatch”.

For Franco, it was important that his Fiat could park in safety. He was always a little afraid that something might happen to his car in the official parking lot. But now you also have to know that this parking lot is also fenced and is not accessible to outsiders at night.

We gladly left Franco the lead and so he was able to park his FIAT in double safety.

Franco's Fiat
Thank you Franco

Franco is a rather quiet person, thinking first before he does anything. In many cases, this came to our advantage. We told him about our ideas almost every day. He has analysed them and, in one case or another, has told us that he would rather do it one way or the other.

Caution is good, but not always, and certainly not for an entrepreneur. But we have always complemented each other well.

We thank Franco for his very valuable support, his tireless commitment and his great friendship. Grazie Mille Franco! Now we wish you a lot of time so that you can nurture and enjoy all your hobbies and your friends.

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