Frantoio – Olive Mill

Frantoio – Olive Mill

Square in the old town of Cagliari

Quality is in demand

Olive trees care for is one thing, olives press the other. Both are very important, without one nothing works.

A private olive grower can only press small quantities himself. He needs the mill 2 – 3 days, afterwards the whole year no more. Therefore, it makes more financial sense to visit a large mill. 

Nearby there is a small good mill. The two young people   try to serve their customers well, always come up with new devices and a personal service. But is this enough?

Most of them do, but we don’t. We not only want to press our olives, but we also want to analyze the fresh olive oil, store it perfectly, bottle it, label it and finally send it halfway around the world. Thanks to a tip from a “competitor” and good acquaintances, we came across Aurelio. He offers all this for a price in line with the market. He goes even further and advises his customers.

We appreciate this service very much.

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