Ginger has torn the cruciate ligament!

Ginger has torn the cruciate ligament!

Our wild sow, no, of course our beloved Ginger, has been limping for a few weeks. Further investigations and a radiography have shown that he tore the cruciate ligament.

Cruciate ligament rupture of Ginger

Have you seen it too? We don’t! Even the veterinarian in Terralba has only seen it at the 2nd glance. Solutions are difficult. An operation is probably possible, but after that he needs a few weeks of absolute rest, which is probably rather difficult to enforce in a dog. Our Swiss veterinarian advised us to wait.

Probably he exaggerated a bit on one of his hunting trips and his 40 kg seemed too strong on the bands. Now he is more cautious and, above all, calmer.

In the following, the picture also shows that he has artrose. The trigger is probably his Leishmoniase, which he retracted 2 years ago. This infectious disease is transmitted by flying and is unfortunately very common in dogs in our latitudes. A cure is not possible, but most animals can live with it.

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