Ginger, the auto fan

Ginger, the auto fan

Our Ginger has a big kennel, about 10,000 m2, so enough outlet. Although he is (only) a dog, he has needs like many people. He loves driving.

Ginger in the car

As soon as our car is open, whether door or trunk, it jumps in and secures its place. He prefers to seize the spacious trunk.

Vreni once took him to the car wash. When she squirted off the car from the outside, he sat comfortably on the steering wheel and looked around, like every motorist. But then no one expected him to find the horn in the middle of the steering wheel. Everyone around him is rattled, except he doesn’t. That’s why he didn’t let it take him to make the game a second time. Just, our Ginger!

Since he doesn’t want to get out anymore, he just makes himself comfortable and sleeps a round, whether we have time or not….

Ginger sleeps

His greatest pleasure is when we go out together. We regularly take him to the sea. In winter it has “its” own beach of 2 km and can let off steam. For him, this means that he can play with the waves. Right, he loves the water, jumps into the water and swims.

At first, Ginger did not know the difference between seawater and normal water. He drank and drank until he got bad. After he had emptied his stomach, he was better off again. Now he knows the difference!

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