Grape variety: Vermentino

Grape variety: Vermentino

In the coming months we will try to describe the most important grape varieties known in Sardinia and to share our knowledge a little. Let’s start with the most important white grape variety, Vermentino:

Vermentino Trauben

Historically, not everything has been clarified, but we now know that the varieties Favorita (Piedmont), Pigato (Liguria) and Vermentino (Corsica and Sardinia) are the same. It is believed that it came to the Mediterranean from Madeira via Spain many hundreds of years ago.

Synonyms There are countless, here is a list grouped alphabetically by country: Garbesso, Garbessu, Malvasie, Malvoisie du Douro, Rolle, Rollé, Valentin, Varlentin, Verlentin (); Carica l’Asino, Favorita, Favorita Bianca, Favorita Bianca di Conegliano, Favorita d’Alba, Favoritia di Alba, Favorita di Conegliano, Formentino, Pigato, Sapaiola, Vermentini, Vermentino Bianco, Vermentino di Gallura, Vermentino Pigato (); Malvasia, Malvasia à Bonifacio, Malvasia Bonifacio, Malvasia de Corse, Malvasia Grossa, Malvoisie à Gros Grains, Malvoisie Corse, Malvoisie de Corse, Verlantin, Varlantin, Vermentinu ().

The high-yielding vine thrives especially near the sea. The variety is sensitive to early frosts, as well as susceptible to and the . Depending on the different growing regions, the wines can be quite different. As a rule, the variety produces aromatic to spicy white wines with aromas of citrus, herbs or stone fruit, in Piedmont and Liguria they are somewhat lighter, in Sardinia a little fuller thanks to the sun.

Blatt der Vermentino Traube
Apero auf der Terrasse mit unserem Weisswein

We planted our Vermentino grapes in 2021, harvested the first grapes in autumn and bottled the first 350 bottles just before Christmas. As quickly as they were bottled, they were sold just as quickly. We had a huge success. This year we will be able to harvest about 3 times as much. The last bottles are available in Sardinia. If you visit us, you will have the chance to have an aperitivo with our first Vermentino!

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