Holidays in Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia

We have never been to Sardinia for the first 50 years of our lives, others go to the island every year. The second largest Mediterranean island has a lot to offer: sun, sea, gastronomy, history, culture, sports, beach, mountains, city, country, sports, and much more.

Have you already made your holiday planning this year?

Below we would like to present you a few tips for the next holiday in Sardinia.

Die schönsten Strände auf Sardinien

The most beautiful beaches

Sardinia has countless beaches, around the island, with sandy beaches, rocks, in nature, and much more. You can find a ranking list

The climbing paradise

Sardinia offers climbs of all kinds and all levels of difficulty. It is also ingenious that many areas, especially in the Gennargentu National Park, offer impressive multi-pitch routes, such as: Cala Goloritze, Biddiriscottai or the Regno dei Cieli. Here you will find the best limestone with impressive rock formations, right by the sea or with a great view of the sea. In addition, many new tours are constantly being developed, so that the island always has new and less frequented areas and routes to offer, so that the climbing tour Sardinia has an incredible variety of areas.

Klettern auf Sardinien
Barumini erzählt die Geschichte Sardiniens

The big story

The history of Sardinia is over 3,000 years old. An important symbol in Sardinia are the approximately 8,000 nuraghe. People have lived and lived in these stone houses. One of the most beautiful and largest examples can be seen in Barumini. There is a competent guide for this.

There are countless more discoveries to be made on the island.

If you are planning a round trip around or through the island, you are also welcome to make a stop with us. We offer 3 guest rooms and a
guest house
. But also a minimum of 2 campers we have perfect pitches.

We have put together a few tips for planning a trip through Sardinia in this (non-complete) travel guide.

you can find more ideas and thoughts in our blog.

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