How do I get to the island?

How do I get to the island?

beautiful beach bay

by car / ferry

Ferries to Sardinia depart from Genoa, Livorno and Piombino.

From Ticino your Genoa reaches about 2 hours, the crossing to Porto Torres or Olbia takes one night. The shortest option can be found in summer from Piombino to Oliba with 5 hours.

Very good rates for the crossing can be found at Netferry.

by plane

April to October to Cagliari

But Edelweiss flies to Zurich
Easyjet from Basel and Geneva

Easyjet flies from Milan Malpensa to Cagliari or Olbia all year round.

Cagliari from the air

Cagliari has a lot to offer!

The largest and most economically important city in Sardinia is Cagliari. It is located directly on the sea and has a long history.

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