How to store olive oil correctly?

How to store olive oil correctly?

The ideal place for storing olive oil is cool, dry and as dark as possible. In addition, the olive oil should be stored exclusively in dark glass or in a bag in a box.

The most important points in detail:

  • At what temperature should the olive oil be stored? 10 – 15 degrees are optimal
  • What is a bag in box? Read the article in the blog
  • When does air come to olive oil?
    Every time the bottle or canister is opened, air also comes to the olive oil. Therefore, we recommend either to take a small unit (e.B. a 0.5 or 0.75 l bottle) or for larger consumers the same as a bag in box.
  • How long can good olive oil be stored? Good olive oil can easily be stored for 24 months (2 years). If it is even stored under vacuum (e.B. in the bag in box), it can be used even longer.
Our olive oil and its original olive oil

The optimal bottle for the kitchen: dark glass, not too big with a high quality content (Oliveto on Sa Contissa)

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