January flowers in the vegetable garden

January flowers in the vegetable garden

In Sardinia, nature works 12 months a year, without long breaks. Even in the cold season, it produces vegetables and fruits.

Thus, in winter we enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden, such as .B artichokes, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, Chard, but also salad.

Since November we also have a Serra, a greenhouse. We were able to take over a used car from a company that was closed due to age. Again, the dimensions are slightly larger: it has a length of 36 m, so we have plenty of space, e.B. for different varieties of tomatoes, zucchetti, fennel, celery, salads and various types of cabbage, but also strawberries. We don’t need heating, this is done by the sun.

The strawberries bloom

It is hard to believe how fast the small plants grow, how the flowers shoot out and already in the coming days we can test the first vegetables.

zucchetti flowers in January
Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Without doing much, many different vegetables grow almost alone and now we enjoy a different variety, a different color and a different taste every day.

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