Lecture in Dietikon

Lecture in Dietikon

On June 22, 2021, we were invited to describe our path from manager to olive oil producer in front of about 30 seasoned managers and to reveal the most important inputs from our wealth of experience.

Philipp at the lecture

We were asked by the president of the inviting association if we would talk about our reasons and experiences about our path from manager to olive farmer. We were very happy to accept this.

From our point of view, it’s not that special, because we just did it and it worked perfectly, at least until today.

This is certainly the most important insight: If you want to do something in your life, pursue your goal consistently! We have done well to this day, but every day we have our eyes open to the doors that open. We want to take advantage of these opportunities.

Board of Trustees Dietikon Hauptgang

The event was framed by an excellent meal in the Krone Dietikon. At the end we received nice compliments and a big applause.

This was probably not the last time we told our story in front of an audience.

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