Managed! patentino verde

Managed! patentino verde

I had wanted to do further training in agriculture, olives and wine for some time. 2 years ago I enjoyed the first evening course for the “patentino verde”. Then came the corona virus and nothing was possible anymore. Only last autumn there was an online course. After a good 20 hours in front of the screen, I had heard a lot of new things, all in Italian. Bravely as always, I immediately registered for the exam. Until I received the exam date, there was still some time in the country. At the beginning of January I knew that the exam on 25.1. will take place.

patentino verde

Now I was even more challenged. I had to understand, comprehend, memorize the material. I was also able to use the 360 test questions.

If I have something in my head, I can do it (most of the time). I probably learned more Special Italian terms from agriculture than other things. In any case, I went into the battle on January 25 with a good feeling and passed the exam. Something done again!

The writer successfully completed the CAS Digital Commerce at the ZHAW in spring 2021. But he doesn’t have enough yet. Next, he sets the focus at the Wine Tasting, he does the WSET Level 2 and wants to understand the wine, the grape varieties and their aromas even better.

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