New Oliveto purchased

New Oliveto purchased

In February 2021 we were able to buy another Oliveto. The approximately 9,500 m2 plot is located in the zone “serra prumu” and is 2/3 filled with old olive trees. The last third is unplanted, rectangular and optimal for replanting.

oliveto by Roberto

The existing trees have a good age, but have not been properly cared for in recent years. Now we have to have some patience in the next 2-3 years, to care for and strengthen the trees, then the yield will come back sustainably.

The unplanted area has been lying fallow for years. Thus, the soil forms a perfect basis for new life. We plan to replant it either this spring or next year, depending on the weather. The new olive trees will come from the “Semidana” family.

new area serra prumu

SEMIDANA (typical olive variety in Sardinia)

DESCRIPTION: The name is reminiscent of the ancient custom, especially in the upper Marmilla, of planting rows of olive trees along the edges of the field and thus along the paths (semidas) that border the fields themselves.

RELATED: Semidana olive trees are mainly found around Oristano (in our area), but also in central and southern Sardinia.

The variety is known to be ripe earlier. It does not yield as high yields as others, but the quality is better. It has a medium humidity, is very harmonious and balanced in bitterness and spice. The plant is robust and strong against disease.

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