New plantings in the vineyard 2021

New plantings in the vineyard 2021

As you know, about 2 years ago (2019) we took over two 40 – 50 year old vineyards. In it it has practically only red wine vines. Since some of the vines were too old or too weak, we tore them out after the 2020 harvest. Thus, the earth was able to recover over the winter. Another property used to be a vineyard and had been lying fallow for several years.

This spring, the time had come to replant these two plots with vines.

Bundles of new vines, ready to plant

2,000 new vines

A very large number, and when they are delivered, the number is even greater.

In May 2021 we prepare the terrains, divide, austecken, water, all for the new vines Vermentino, Malvasia, Sauvignon blanc, Viognier and some Syrah.

Now it is necessary to care for the vines for 3 years, to protect against diseases and to do everything possible to make the plants strong. Probably in 2024/25 there will be the first white wine on Sa Contissa.

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