No life without water

No life without water

This wisdom also applies in Sardinia. Although the summers are hot and dry, there is plenty of water in almost all places on the island. In the mountains there are always thunderstorms even in summer, and in the west, i.e. here, the green plain between Cagliari and Oristano is “irrigated” by the surrounding mountains.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, large areas of land in our country (Terralba, Arborea, etc.) were under water, were bogs and were repeatedly flooded by the rivers of Monte Arci. As a result, they were not usable. Mussolini has taken on the problem (as in Maremma/Tuscany) and drained these areas.

Trockenlegung in Arborea

Workers building a canal to drain the plots and eradicate diseases such as malaria.

Drainage of bogs

The neighboring village of ours is called Arborea and is located directly on the sea.

The place was designed until 1928 under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini with the name Mussolinia strictly geometric. On October 29, 1928, the village was inaugurated, which two years later became a separate municipality called Mussolinia di Sardegna . After the deposition of the Duce , Mussolinia was renamed Arborea on February 17, 1944. The number of inhabitants had already risen to over three thousand in these sixteen years.

At the place where the village of Arborea is located, for centuries there was only moorland, which was drained from 1919 in a reclamation project. Large parts of the agricultural land thus obtained were handed over to settlers from Veneto. To this day, in the third and fourth generation, some of them speak a Venetian dialect in an otherwise Sardinian environment.

Sadali - the village of water

There is even a village in Sardinia through which a lot of water flows. In the mountains of Barbagia, the original Sardinia in the center of the island, lies the village of Sadali, surrounded by water, streams, small waterfalls and many bridges. More about Sardali can be found




We have enough groundwater for our properties. The water level is stable even in summer and ensures us and our plants a safe survival.

One of our water houses, with the computer-controlled sub-distribution for the individual plots.

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