Olive harvest 2021

Olive harvest 2021

Autumn 2021 showed itself from the most beautiful side. All summer long we only knew the sun, some wind and a lot of warmth.


Nature determines the time of harvest. Basically, we always harvest when changing the color of the olives. The olive oil is therefore somewhat stronger and the valuable substances, such as .B. the polyphenols are even higher.

Thanks to the dry summer, the olives were ready for harvest earlier and threatened to dry out. Therefore, we started the harvest already on October 8, 2021.

Depending on the year, we have between 10 and 14 days for the harvest. Every evening (sometimes 2 times a day), we bring the freshly harvested olives to the mill to Aurelio, who also processes them immediately.

Our olive oil and its original olive oil


Our harvest team always consists of our employees, harvest helpers from the region, but also friends from Switzerland. This year Katia, Patrick, Laura, Marco and our friend from Cologne, Richard, supported us.

Net under the tree

Quality of olives

Compared to the previous year, the harvest was slightly smaller. But the quality was very good.

Thanks to the purchase of an olive grove in Serra Prumu with about 1 ha of land in February 2021, the harvest was even slightly larger.

The quality of the olives is also measured as “Resa”. This is the ratio between 1 kg of olives and the olive oil obtained from them. In a normal year, the resa is between 10 and 15%, which means that 10 – 15 l of olive oil are obtained from 100 kg of olives.

Storage of fresh olive oil

Many olive oil producers take their olive oil home after pressing in canisters of 30 l.

However, we also pay attention to quality in this process. Any contact with the air and too high a temperature is harmful to the oil. Therefore, we have the olive oil stored at Aurelio in the Frantoio (olive oil mill) in a special tank (under vacuum). He also pays attention to the uniform temperature of this room.

Only at the beginning of December we fill the olive oil into our units (0.5 l / 0.75 l / 3 l / 5 l). The carrier then picks up 95% of the fresh olive oil from him and brings it to Switzerland, to our customers.

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