Olive oil from Sa Contissa

Olive oil from Sa Contissa

Do you know our oil from Sa Contissa, Sardinia? Below you will find many insights and hints about our philosophy, production and history.

Olives after harvest
  • 100% olives
  • Varieties: Bosana, Semidana, Tonda di Cagliari, Nera di Gonnos
  • harvested by hand
  • as far as nature allows, organically produced


Our 700-year-old trees have been growing in the heart of Sardinia for more than 20 years, in the middle of nature. Now we have planted 1,300 young trees and will be able to serve our customers even better from 2021.


Depending on the ripeer, the harvest will take place towards the end of October. We harvest the olives when you are still green, so the olive oil is more spicy and a little bitter, so with its own character. The harvest is done by hand on all trees. The most important quality criterion is that the olives are processed into olive oil after only a few hours after harvesting in the mill under perfect conditions.

Olive Oil Sale

We offer the following packaging units:

0.50 l – Carton of 6 bottles

0.75 l – Carton of 6 bottles

3 l – bag in box (under vacuum, optimal storage)

5 l – bag in box (under vacuum, optimal storage)

NEW: Degu Box (vino e olio)

We also sell individual bottles in Morcote or on our Azienda in Sardinia
1 bottle of 0.5 litres à CHF/€ 18.00
1 bottle of 0.75 litres à CHF/€ 23.00

Delivery: Delivery will take place from mid-December, but before Christmas

This year’s olive oil could be ordered here or simply info@sacontissa.it by mail. info@sacontissa.it

Do you have any special requests? Own etiquette? Special bottling? Just contact us. We fulfill almost every wish.

Tasting notes CHARMOS extra vergine

About the producer

In 2017, Vreni Strickler and Philipp Strebel decided to hang on to the job and start something new. You have purchased the Azienda Agricola Sa Contissa in the south-west of Sardinia, 8 km from the sea, south of Terralba. It has since grown to 6 hectares of land. They cultivate mainly olives, but also about 1 1/2 ha of wine and 150 fruit trees (mainly citrus fruits). Their goal is to grow high-quality products close to nature and sell them on the Swiss market.

About the region

The small Fattoria is located 40 minutes by car north of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, in the beautiful countryside of Campidano. The foundation of Sa Contissa has been laid by another Swiss couple in the last 20 years.

About the production

The olives are processed in a modern Frantoio (oil mill). The harvest is done by hand and the harvest is processed on the same day. In this way, the freshness of the fruit is guaranteed and the natural aromas of the olive are preserved. After pressing the olives, the oil is immediately filtered. This improves durability. The olive oil has a low acidity and high polyphenol values.

Tasting Notes 2019

Medium yellow-green, slightly sweet-grassy scent, some artichoke, subtly sweet approach, slight bitterness with distinct astringence, almond fruit, fine, peperoncini-like sharpness

Tasting Notes 2020

Medium yellow-green, grassy nose, some artichoke, subtle sweet root, slight bitterness with distinct astringency, almond fruit, fine, pepperoncini-like spiciness

Tasting notes 2021

Medium yellow-light green, grassy nose, some artichoke, subtle sweet approach, slight bitterness with distinct astringency, almond fruit, fine, good, but not too strong spiciness


• Extra virgin olive oil

Produced by Sa Contissa

• made in Sardinia

· Olive variety largely Bosana, Semidana, but also Nera di Gonnos, Tonda di Cagliari

Storage: store in a cool place, protect against sunlight, store dry

· The extra virgin olive oil CHARMOS is made from indigenous Sardinian olive varieties (mainly Bosana). The harvest is relatively early (towards the end of October) and brings fresh, fruity aromas to this excellent, cold-pressed oil of the highest quality.

Enjoy to:

Fits The Mediterranean cuisine – suitable for marinating fish and meat – goes with vegetables and salads