Olive oil on the go

Olive oil on the go

Every year again… also this autumn we could hardly wait for the fresh olive oil to be pressed, filtered and bottled. Since yesterday it is finally on its way to Switzerland.

Olive oil 2021 freshly packed

The freshly squeezed olive oil is bottled and ready for the trip to Switzerland. From December 10, we can ship it to our customers (or even deliver it in person).

In the Frantoio

In the end, the olive mill ensures a large part of the quality. By processing the olives quickly at a maximum of 26 degrees, without air contact, a good olive oil is created, provided that the olives are healthy.

The vast majority of olive growers arrive the next day and pick up the olive oil in a large container (10 – 30 l). We can count on further services of the Oelmühle. These include, for example.B filtering the olive oil.

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