Olives Harvest 2020

Olives Harvest 2020

The olive harvest is always the highlight of the season. Our most important product, maintained for one year, is harvested and pressed. Neither is easy.

The Reading

The harvest is with us, at least this year, only manual work. We will always harvest the old, gnarled trees by hand, but from 2021 we will harvest the new young Oliveto with the special tractor.

The harvest is always teamwork, i.e. we are about 5 – 6 people and the 3 dogs. In virus-free times, other harvesters from Switzerland support us.

The art of olive harvesting is to harvest the fruit intact and bring it to the olive mill within a few hours. As a result, it can be freshly pressed and thus contains all important substances.

Our Ginger controls very closely that everything is done with the right things!

Ginger at the olive harvest
Ginger at the olive harvest

The Olive Mill (Frantoio)

Olive pressing sounds so simple and is a very important process to make good oil, more important than the cellar work in wine.

We work with 2 professional oil mills:

Frantoio Oleario Medio Campidano Guspini
2 young siblings process many tons of olives with passion. They are well-furnished and also process smaller quantities

Frantoio Podda, Ussaramanna
Aurelio and his wife are among the best mills on the island. They do not provide the basis, but also many additional works all around: analysis of the oil, filtering, filling, labelling, storing, but also a lot of advice towards the customer. Aurelio is also president of the olive oil mills association of the island. We have been working with him since 2020 and are very satisfied.

nero di gonnos


In November, the necessary preparatory work will be carried out: analysis of olive oil, finalizing etiquette, printing. At the end of November, the olive oil is bottled in the various formats and the company Planzer transports everything to Switzerland. Our customers are supplied from the central warehouse in Taverne before Christmas.

Order right here!

We offer the finest olive oil from the 2020 harvest from mid-December 2020, and this in different sizes:

Bottle of 0.5 l (in 8 boxes)
Bottle of 0.75 l (in 6 boxes)

Bag in box of 3 l (sold out)
Bag in box of 5 l (sold out)

Our olive oil is also appreciated and used in Swiss gastronomy. Where can you try our olive oil and enjoy it?

Here you will find current restaurants

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