Our aid project

Our aid project

After the devastating fires of the end of July 2021, we want to support the family of Eliseo. You can find out everything about the family at this

Fire in Sardinia

We discussed with Eliseo’s family where the shoe presses the most, where the need is greatest. They told us that they had planned the next steps for reconstruction and prepared everything necessary for the winter.

The dream

In recent years, you have repeatedly talked about creating your own olive grove and thus generating another annual source of income in addition to milk and cheese with olive oil. We were happy to take up this idea and want to support you in planning and creating this olive grove in the coming year.

The first olive trees will yield a first yield from the 3rd year. Since the selling prices in Sardinia are very low, we want to support them in selling the products in Switzerland. When the olive oil becomes as good as the cheese, the quality is right.

Young olive tree

This is how we help!

Each of you has the following 3 ways to support the project:

  • Financial contribution: Donation to the account IBAN CH08 0070 0114 8051 1158 3
    ZKB Zürich, denominated in Philipp Strebel
    Note: Fuoco Sardegna
  • Purchase of our red wine S’Arena – per carton (6 bottles) 12 francs go to the project
  • Personal commitment on site in 2022 when planting the olive trees or installing the irrigation

We would like to thank you for your support and will report on the project at this point on an ongoing basis.

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