Our debut

Our debut

Our first wine

It is almost logical that every wine farmer is proud of his first wine. But how does it taste?

Here are the impressions of a sommeliere:

After opening the high-quality bottle, the wine needs Air. Decanting and waiting for 30 minutes opens the wine. It should be drunk slightly cooler than room temperature, i.e. about 14-15 degrees, so place in a refrigerator for 20 minutes before consumption. This makes the fruit stand out optimally.

Grape varieties:
Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale, Monica di Sardegna

Removal: Steel tank
Nose: wonderful fruit, berries
Palate: warm round body

Oenologist: Michele Manca

Despite its relative lightness at 13 percent by volume, it has a beautiful body and convinces with its fruitiness. Many red wines in Sardinia have an alcohol content of 14 – 15 degrees, which is only conducive to bed weight.

It goes perfectly with fish, a plate of pasta or simply a Zvieri Plättli. The wine can be enjoyed easily in the next 5 years.