Our house project

Our house project

From the beginning, it was our goal to have optimal accommodation for us but also for the operation. As with us, there are also increased requirements for the construction of buildings in the agricultural zone in Italy.

We were able to meet all the requirements and received the building permit this May. Before the big summer holidays, we selected the master builder and on September 1st he started.

Signing of the contract with the master builder at the surveyor

The project in detail

Building on sandy soil with a lot of groundwater is not easy, so we decided to do without a basement. We didn’t have to ram any piles. For this we were able to plan a comfortable and spacious floor plan on the ground floor of our new house.

Floor plan

The 200 m2 ground floor offers us the unique opportunity to accommodate everything we need. In the last 18 months we have had a lot less space, it has also shown us that this is also possible.

The highlights in the new house are:

  • 2 spacious guest rooms (bottom right)
  • the largest kitchen we have ever had, with outdoor terrace (bottom left)
  • Living room with fireplace in the center
  • our apartments (top right)
Floor plan new house
Cooking, eating and our guests get the most space

Construction quality

The writer was always a bit skeptical about whether the Sardinians would come close to the Swiss Standard. But with each passing day, it becomes clear that the Sardinians can also do something. However, our daily experience also shows that it does not always have to be as complicated and expensive as in Switzerland.

And fortunately, there are also climatic advantages: in winter it is usually between 10 and 15 degrees warm, which does not need quite as much isolation as in our old home.

We will report on further experiences here on an ongoing basis.

all incl. - The insulation is directly installed!

Even our roommates do not miss it and come every evening on a construction site tour. Since they are smaller than us, you need a small hill to have the overview.

Construction site tour with sheep
Monello and Marmitta on the construction site tour

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