Our Oliveti

Our Oliveti

The different plots

Thanks to the development of our Azienda, we currently have 3 different Oliveti.

Alter Oliveto
We acquired these 200 trees as a foundation 3 years ago. They are located right next to our house.

Young Oliveto
After the acquisition of a few plots we had about 1 ha with the possibility to create a new oliveto. After consultation with various specialists, we have decided to integrate 1,300 trees in an intensive facility for Sardinia. The big advantage is efficiency. The trees are arranged in 15 rows and can be harvested gently in one day with a special tractor. It also took some persuasion for our team to understand it and stand behind it.

We acquired these 500 old trees in February 2020. They have not been very intensively maintained in recent years, so we need 2 years to get the full production. But the soil quality and the location are very interesting.

New project
However, this is not the end of the case. In 2020, our property has continued to arrondise. So we have another good ha country. We are preparing this for the new planting in winter 20/21. We have not yet decided exactly what we are planting for olive trees.

Would you like to try our extra virgin olive oil?

We offer the finest olive oil from the 2020 harvest from the beginning of December 2020, and this in different sizes:

Bottle of 0.5 l
Bottle at 0.75 l

Bag in box of 3 l
Bag in box of 5 l

Just contact us or order via the following link.

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