Our organic chickens

Our organic chickens

Egg box filled

Our colourful family of chickens (1 Gallo and its 5 chickens) gives us 3 – 5 fresh eggs every day, whether it’s storming, writhing or the sun is shining. When the sun is shining, Vreni lets the chickens “graze” in the olive to. They thank us by loosening the soil under the olive trees and chatting.

At least Marmitta (our little dog) has become accustomed to the new family members, with Ginger the starting position is even more difficult.

The cycle of chickens is perfect. They deliver eggs to us every day, we eat them in any form.

We dry the eggshells, crush them and mix them into the feed of the animals. We also give the chickens food for their ready-made waste from vegetables. Thus, the chickens also help us to avoid waste …… we are proud of every new organic egg. May many more follow!

brown chicken

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