Our Sugo production

Our Sugo production

Sugo Glasses

Tomato Schwemme

As is usual, everything grows almost by itself in Sardinia, except for the olives all needs water, in winter still some organic fertilizer, but otherwise the sun and the good talk of Vreni does quite a lot.

This also applies to tomatoes! Our gardener Toni has put a lot of effort into planting and planted many, many tomatoes. In the last weeks and months we have had tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes every day, and this in any form.

It quickly became clear to us that we could not eat all this. And so we specialized in preservation. We dried tomatoes in the sun and made Sugo. Vreni has made at least 50 litres of Sugo, the glasses are sold out in Terralba everywhere!

The next time we visit Switzerland by car, we will take a part with us and offer it to our friends and customers. Philipp has created the appropriate etiquette for this.

Tomatoes when drying the sun

What was not eaten and processed into Sugo, we put before the hot Sardinian sun, with a generous layer of coarse salt. After 3 days, the tomatoes are already dried and ready for storage in the glass.

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