Our young olive trees

Our young olive trees

Almost a year ago, we decided to plant 1,300 olive trees on one hectare of land. We did not choose the conventional variant with individual trees, but an intensive planting, which provides more efficiency in care and harvesting and still a very good quality.

young olive grove

We were lucky enough to acquire additional land directly adjacent to our property, about 1 ha. Our goal was to plant more olive trees. We learned from specialists and decided on a new path: we planted more shrubs than trees, so less wood, but the same quality and the same quantity. New for us, but also for our employees.

On the following video you can see how easy it was to plant these 1,300 trees. The tractor makes the trench, the employee plants. Already after half a day the work was done, at least for the planting team. In the first two years, it is important to closely observe the growth, detect diseases and remove harmful grasses.

We expect to be able to harvest for the first time in 2021, not all yet, but about half of a full harvest. In another 2 years we should be able to achieve full production of about 12 t. This results in about 1,000 – 1,500 liters of olive oil in the mill.

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