Price comparisons with watermelons

Price comparisons with watermelons

Globe at Bellevue
Globus am Bellevue offers watermelons at CHF 7 per KG - World record

We were amazed when we read the report on the price of a large watermelon in the Globus in Zurich. The kilo is said to have been offered for CHF 7. The giant water melon weighed 14 kg and thus the price for the whole melon was over CHF 100.

Since we grow melons ourselves, only for our own use, the price in our shop in Sardinia was not known to us. So we set out to compare the price per kg of watermelon next time in the store. We were amazed. In our village the kg costs ONLY € 0.59.

When asked about the high price at Globus, the press spokeswoman replied that you buy from a small producer who also grows the watermelons organically. Also we are a small producer and grow everything organically. Maybe I should knock on Globus’ door to see if you also pay us this horrendous price……

The watermelon is a pumpkin plant and consists of 96% water – even in the globe!

Watermelon in the globe

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