Sardinian Gourmet Culture

Sardinian Gourmet Culture

The film “Delicious Sardinia” is a beautiful and informative journey into the culinary world of Sardinia.

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This grandma, la Nonna, who lived in the east of the island, in Bari Sardo, and who serena often visited with her parents as a child is also something like the bracket of the film. From here she sets off to visit producers of typical and partly famous Sardinian food in various places on the island. And after The end, she comes back to Bari Sardo to eat the delicacies she brought with her and of course culurgiones she prepared herself (after all, we are in the Ogliastra!) at a large Sardinian meal with friends and family. Again, the loving memories of The Nonna, the woman who influenced Serena’s life so much, play a role.

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