The interior work has started

The interior work has started

The shell is finished, the roof is made with the tiles, now the plumbing and the electrician have taken over the scepter.

the large pipes are laid, the cans are set

In February, the basic installations were relocated. Until a few days ago, x km of pipes could be seen. Now the underlay floor is also cast. For a week now, the plasterer has been transforming the house, sack after bag is being processed daily and attached to walls and ceilings. Slowly but surely, the rooms acquire a character and are tangible. Today, Friday, the Geberit panels for the floor heating will be laid, followed by the coating and from the beginning of April the panel layer will take over.

More impressions of the construction site can be found here .

Underfloor heating

Many houses in Sardinia have no heating, only a fireplace, or a heater with radiators. Split devices are also often used to cool in summer and heat in winter.

We wanted high quality heating in the new house, with solar power and air heat exchanger. The comfort for the residents is to be ensured by underfloor heating. We were glad that we were not the first with this project on the island.

The plumber, Alessandro, regularly installs such systems in new houses, which is why we are now also installing them. But before he can lay his line pipes, a first underlay floor with the appropriate insulation material is required. Obtaining this was not easy (also because of difficult worldwide logistics routes). But it is installed and Alessandro is installing the floor heating these days.


The underlay floor
Stefano, the sanitary ware
He is the silent creator, also maintains our previous house and is always there when you need him!
Alessandro, the Head of Sanitation
He brings the experience with him and coordinates.
The pimpled surface
The pimples are needed so that the water pipes have a hold, but also as insulation against the ground.
The kitchen is laid
a good half of the house has been relocated, now the guest rooms follow. Tomorrow the sanitary starts with the water pipes for the floor heating
Giorgio, the surveyor
He checks the work on the construction site on a daily basis
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Almost exactly in 2 months, i.e. approx. In mid-May, the house should be ready for handover and relocation.

Actually, everything is ordered, organized, but it still takes 60 days of patience, control, a healthy combination of praise and pressure for us to finish on time.

We are curious… and keep you up to date.

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