The private pool

The private pool

We already had an old pool, without technology, without quality. Already 3 years ago we set ourselves the goal of replacing it. Actually, we just wanted to replace the old pool. But when the new house became a reality, it was clear that the new pool belonged to the new house. 

The permit and construction period were very short (at least by Sardinian standards). Already for 1 1/2 months we can use it and we enjoy the morning bath after getting up, or before lunch, but most of all in the evening, before sunset.

Ministerio della Cultura

We were annoyed, but only for a short time, by the Ministry of Culture. The approval was available, the builder wanted to start the excavation the next day, then a letter fluttered into the house from this ministry that we had to wait for the employee. They suspected that Roman “treasures” might be hidden. Nearby there were finds and so the office took the matter exactly. A week later was the site visit, the builder carefully took the first shovel of earth with the Trax. But in the end it was nothing. How could, since our house was 6 m away and nothing was sighted in this excavation. Now the excavation could really begin.

letzte Arbeiten am Pool

We needed 4 entrepreneurs: builder, metal company, granite and of course the pool farmer. The first 3 we already edge from the house construction. Maurizio, the boss of Pool Bauer, was perfect: goal-oriented, fast and with good quality!

Our new "employee"

The technology of the pool does a lot of things itself, but unfortunately not everything. So someone has to control the water quality, clean the filter, but also clean the floor as well as the walls. For this cleaning work we have a new employee, the first robot on Sa Contissa.

We humans got used to it very quickly, but this is not the case for all living beings.

The dogs are critical

As can be seen on the video, Marmitta still has some difficulty accepting the new “colleague”. Why does it just pop up, then disappear again? As a precaution, there is barking, perhaps also to motivate him to even more performance.

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