The Wine Academics

The Wine Academics

It is no secret that the writer loves wine. He started an apprenticeship a year ago and is now on his third. But first things first.

WSET Degu Set

It is not easy to do a wine training course in Sardinia. There are probably many cantinas to taste wine, there is also the Sommelier Association, but there are also the distances to Cagliari to the course bars. That’s when the online training at the Académie du Vin in Switzerland came at just the right time.

WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), London, is probably the most important training institution in the world for wine, spirits and sake. The Académie du Vin represents them in Switzerland and conducts the courses and examinations.

The courses WSET2 and WSET3, which the writer completed in 2022, were the basis for starting his training as a wine academic in April 2023. This is carried out by the Wine Academy in Rust (Austria), again on behalf of WSET. All 3 trainings deal with the wine industry worldwide, each course simply a lot deeper. It is important to know the climatic conditions, soil conditions, the most important regions, grapes, suppliers and wine styles in all the important wine regions of the world. It goes without saying that the tasting is not neglected.

The Wine Academics course consists of 5 modules that are carried out at 4 locations: Wädenswil CH, Geisenheim D, Rust A and in South Tyrol.

Weinakademiker Iwan Spicher

On the occasion of the first week of training, the diplomas were also handed out to the newest academics. Among them was a friend, Ivan Spicher. There are only about 100 academics of oenological delights in Switzerland.

I hope to do the same in 2 years…. and with the wine academic you also have the entrance ticket for the most important and highest wine education, the Master of Wine.

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