The young vines in the first winter

The young vines in the first winter

The first winter is always a challenge for the young vines. Not only do the vines have to be cut, the soil fertilized, the young and not so strong plants are particularly affected by the cold and the wind. This winter it has rained rather little, maybe even too little. Therefore, it is also important to have the water balance of the plants under control.

To date, they have kept the plants well, the work has all been done, now we are waiting for the rash. In a few weeks, the time will come: the vines will begin to live, the juice will push through branches and the young shoots will begin to live.

View of the new vines in winter

In winter we cut back the young vines strongly, only 2 – 3 eyes we left standing. Thus, this year, especially the stem can develop and so the plant can concentrate its strength on this task.

Young vine cut
Vineyard in winter
The new vineyard rests in winter

A few days before the rash it rained again, so the plants, after a good amount of manure and organic fertilizer, have everything to grow vigorously. We are curious to see what spring brings.

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