Tomato mozzarella, but right!

Tomato mozzarella, but right!

What does it take for a good tomato mozzarella salad? 3 things are needed in the kitchen: tasty tomatoes, fresh basil and good olive oil. In addition, a good buffalo mozzarella and the Caprese is perfect.

I know we are still a little early, as the tomatoes in Switzerland are still waiting for the warm sun.

Tomatoes, basil, olive oil

Everything from our garden, and this already on April 20, 2022.

Tomatoes from the sun-drenched greenhouse, basil and our own olive oil

What more is needed? Exactly, the right mozzarella.

Buffalo or cow?

Originally, the mozzarella was made only from buffalo milk. Thanks to its great popularity, a lot of cow’s milk mozzarella is produced today.

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana (regionally protected name for mozzarella from the region): Behind the sonorous name hides the buffalo mozzarella. What distinguishes the two types of mozzarella is the milk used.

While the buffalo mozzarella is made from pure buffalo milk, the conventional mozzarella is made from cow’s milk. The further processing process from the milk to the finished product is the same for both Filata cheeses.

Both types of cream cheese come in a spherical form in the trade and do not differ externally at first. However, if you keep the buffalo mozzarella next to the mozzarella made from cow’s milk, discover a difference: the shade of the buffalo mozzarella has a distinct yellow tinge, while the mozzarella from cow’s milk is bright white.

In terms of nutrients, however, the two mozzarella species hardly differ. Both have a lot of protein and calcium as well as some vitamins. The protein content of 100 grams of buffalo mozzarella is around 16 grams. The mozzarella from cow’s milk can even score with well over 17 grams of protein.

Although the buffalo mozzarella is slightly more fatty, both filata cheeses have about the same number of calories – and that’s not exactly low. After all, 100 grams of the small round cheese balls cost about 250 calories.

Due to the fatty buffalo milk, the mozzarella has a more intense taste and is much finer in consistency.

The mozzarella made from cow’s milk, on the other hand, has a somewhat rubbery effect.

The taste of buffalo mozzarella is incomparable!!

In the end, it’s a matter of taste!

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