Wellness on Sa Contissa

Wellness on Sa Contissa

Not only we need regular care of the body, but also our sheep. Always in spring, when the cold nights are over, i.e. From 10 May, the sheep will be sheared. We don’t do that ourselves, but we know the right person: Martino. With his brother he has 250 sheep and many other animals on his farm. He was with us in the last days and organized the sheep wellness program.

The archipelago looks more complicated than it is. Martino does this with a lot of experience without injuring the sheep. On this occasion, he also checks the hooves, whether everything is ok, they are too long, etc. On this occasion, he also cut them.

Monello is tame and therefore quickly ready for anything, even for archipelagos. The other two sheep are more cautious, reserved or even a little shy. So we first have to push them into a corner on the terrain, capture them before the wellness program can start.

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As soon as the program was over, the sheep seemed happy and liberated, they jumped around, played with each other and looked, at least for us, so without wool, completely naked and half as heavy.

It’s nice to see what such a wellness program can also do for sheep.

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