What is a bag in box?

What is a bag in box?

Only with the correct storage of olive oil can the quality be ensured for months.

In the article on the storage of olive oil , we have discussed the different vessels. A special, not yet so well-known, is the Bag in Box, which we would like to explain to you today.

Until now, larger quantities of olive oil (e.B. 3 or 5 l) were usually filled in tinplate cans and sold to customers. In this day and age, it goes without saying that the production and disposal of these cans is not optimal for the environment.

We have been betting on the bag in box since the beginning of our era. The bag with the olive oil is delivered in a cardboard box. The oil is under vacuum. Thus, neither air nor light comes to the olive oil and it retains its quality for many months as on the occasion of bottling in the olive oil mill.

Thanks to the olive oil hahnen, customers can fill a small amount of olive oil into a small, beautiful glass bottle for use in the kitchen.

bag in box explained

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