Wine experiences

Wine experiences

We know many wines in Europe, including a few from the rest of the world, many of which are even good, some very good. And one day we wanted to make a wine ourselves. In hindsight, this is not an easy task. But we have taken up this challenge and we can be a little proud of the first result.

2020 Vino

Our debut

S’Arena, as the name suggests, was bottled (or born) in August 2020. We knew from the beginning that selling about 2,000 bottles out of nowhere is not easy.

Our 2nd Etiquette

What almost no one knows yet: we have not only produced the red wine with the black etiquette, but also a fruity red wine with the white etiquette. The difference is not only the colour of the label, but also the main grape variety: the black person benefits from the carignano and thus has its beautiful warm body. The white (despite a round red wine) is overweight at Cannonau and is even more fruity.

The brother couple

the two brothers

Here they are, the two red wines: same name, same vines, but different weighting. The fruity white (etiquette) is perfect for a light meal or on a hot day, the black has more body, yet the fruit does not suffer. We make tastings with friends (in Sardinia or Switzerland) and compare the two of Sa Contissa with other red wines from the island …. and learn a lot about it again and again. Will you be there next time?

We also sell the white, but only in a limited edition: order form

The new vintage

As soon as the 2019 vintage was in the bottle, the harvest was 2020. We were satisfied with the quality of the grapes and the quantity. Now our wine is in the steel tank No. 49 and is maturing.

It is always exciting to experience what emerges from these sweet grapes. After the sugar has been converted into alcohol, it is still a bit rough, but the fruit and potential are already visible. It needs rest over the winter and then becomes rounder, softer, finer every month. In summer it is ready for bottling.

our cellar master Marcello
our cellar master Marcello

Tasting of the new vintage

We are in regular contact with the cellar master Marcello and the Oenolgen Daniele. At the end of February we had another tasting round and marvelled at the 2nd year. It still looks like an unpolished diamond, but the fruit and body develop magnificently. The wine still needs about 5 months in the tank rest …… and continue to have a watchful eye and regular control with the palate.

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